Path To Success

A mentoring program is active at the elementary school through 7th grade levels, linking caring adults with youth in need of a mentor.  Mentors give one hour a week of their time at North County Primary, North County Intermediate, Parkside Elementary, Central Elementary, West Central Elementary, West County Elementary, Bismarck Elementary, and Farmington's Lincoln Intermediate and Middle School, Washington Franklin Elementary, Jefferson Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary. We also work with several at-risk youth in Farmington.

Mission & Objective

Path to Success Mission Statement:  Provide the School District with community servant volunteers who will support students on a path to success by demonstrating an exemplary lifestyle.

Objective School Partners:  To provide adults with volunteer service opportunities in order to respond to the needs of area schools and their students.

Description:  Under the auspices of YFC, volunteers from area churches respond to the mentoring needs presented by a local school administration.  

Areas of Service in Schools

The following are all ways that you can volunteer in the Path to Success Program:

1.  Provide individual service to students

  • Reading Tutor
  • Math Tutor
  • Reading buddy (helping a child read)
  • Behavior Buddy (linking up with a child on behavioral issues)
  • Homework Assistance 
  • Mentors